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Hi y'all! I'm Nicole Caridad Ralston and I'm known on Instagram as @eatenpathnola. I started blogging and writing about food when I moved to New Orleans in 2012. I was convinced to start my Instagram after a (then) Xavier University student, Eliqua, interviewed me because she loved my food Tumblr (also called Off the Eaten Path NOLA). After the interview, she suggested that I start a food Instagram, and that's how it all began!


New Orleans is bound to sink into your soul and belly, and I'm here to help you navigate our food scene! I believe that New Orleans has the greatest food in the country (yup, I said it). We have a rich food history that began with the indigenous people who thrived in the Crescent City before Bienville even stumbled upon us and then got mixed with the cultural traditions of Africans, Creoles, Cajuns, France, and Spain to create our current food scene. New Orleans is also known as the Northernmost point of the Caribbean and as a Cuban-American, I can attest to the similarities. 

Off the Eaten Path NOLA is housed within Caridad Consulting, LLC​.
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