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El Chango Borracho

WHERE? El Chango Borracho WHAT? Tacos with bone marrow


WHERE? Vyoones WHAT? Escargot

poydras and peters

WHERE? Poydras and Peters WHAT? Crab Cake Duo

Will and the Way

WHERE? Will and the Way WHAT? Korean Fries

parish line bistro

WHERE? Parish Line Bistro WHAT? Cheeseburger

pasta on the fly

WHERE? Pasta on the Fly WHAT? Spicy sausage pasta (make your own bowl)


WHERE? Justini's WHAT? Catfish & Friees (happy hour)

Greek Fest

WHERE? Greek Fest WHAT? Dessert Box


WHERE? Gonzo's WHAT? Seared Pork Jowl

Cause and the Cure

WHERE? Cause and the Cure WHAT? Chopped Cheese


WHERE? Crack'd WHAT? Club Sandwich


WHERE? Brasa WHAT? Picanha Steak

Woe Woe's Food Factory

WHERE? Woe Woe's Food Factory WHAT? Jerk Chicken Fried Rice

Beggar's Banquet

WHERE? Beggar's Banquet WHAT? Calamari

Divine Cuisine

WHERE? Divine Cuisine @ WATS WHAT? Crawfish Roll

Commons Club

WHERE? Commons Club WHAT? Pate

Walker's BBQ

WHERE? Walker's BBQ @ Jazz Fest WHAT? Cochon de Lait Poboy

El Chilango Dorado

WHERE? El Chilango Dorado WHAT? Tacos


WHERE? Gaia WHAT? Tomahawk Steak

Pigeon & Whale

WHERE? Pigeon & Whale WHAT? Scallops


WHERE? Habanero's WHAT? Sopes


WHERE? Juliana's Brazilian Bakery WHAT? Coxinha

Good Catch Thai

WHERE? Good Catch Thai WHAT? Green Curry Scallops

Coma Arepas

WHERE? Coma Arepas WHAT? Pavillon Arepa

The Bower

WHERE? The Bower WHAT? Softshell Crab Sandwich

Poydras & Peters

WHERE? Poydras & Peters WHAT? Crab Cake in Lobster Sherry Cream

Nostalgia Coffee

WHERE? Nostalgia Coffee WHAT? Pepper Jelly Wings


WHERE? Crack'D WHAT? Duck Bacon Tower

Que Pasta NOLA

WHERE? Que Pasta NOLA WHAT? Shrimp Tacos

Buggin Out Boils

WHERE? Buggin Out Boils WHAT? Crawfish

Cafe Sbisa

WHERE? Cafe Sbisa WHAT? Oysters Sbisa: Herbsaint creamed spinach, topped with Tabasco hollandaise, chopped bacon, and Parmesan cheese


WHERE? Xanh NOLA WHAT? Rice Paper Quesadilla

Hi Volt

WHERE? Hi Volt WHAT? Good Morning Vietnam Sandwich


WHERE? Saffron WHAT? Eggplant (special)

Margot's Pizza

WHERE? Margot's Pizza WHAT? Puttanesca Pizza

Picnic Provisions & Whiskey

WHERE? Picnic Provisions & Whiskey WHAT? Ahi Tuna Sandwich


WHERE? Kenji WHAT? Omakase


WHERE? Jolie WHAT? Beef Carpaccio


WHERE? Fritai WHAT? Griyo Plate

Queen Trini Lisa

WHERE? Queen Trini Lisa WHAT? Doubles


WHERE? Reginelli's WHAT? Cajun Crawfish Pizza


WHERE? Showbird WHAT? Double Cheeseburger


WHERE? Oscar WHAT? Cuban Sandwich


WHERE? Boswell's WHAT? Oxtail Plate

Banh Mi Boys

WHERE? Banh Mi Boys WHAT? Char Siu Pork Banh Mi


WHERE? Lola's WHAT? Garlic Shrimp

Levee Bakery

WHERE? Levee Bakery WHAT? Focaccia with ricotta


WHERE? Couvant WHAT? Oysters

Calliope Beer Works

WHERE? Calliope Beer Works WHAT? Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

Bower Bar

WHERE? Bower Bar WHAT? Gulf Fish Picatta

The Chloe

WHERE? The Chloe WHAT? Pork Belly Cups

Compere Lapin

WHERE? Compere Lapin WHAT? Short Rib Spaghetti


WHERE? Gabrielle WHAT? Veal Roulade & Lobster Dumplings

Hungry Eyes

WHERE? Hungry Eyes WHAT? Veal Sweetbreads

The Grill Room

WHERE? The Grill Room WHAT? Ora King Salmon

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